Our PBX can be used for a call center – hundreds or thousands of calls per day.

Features are introduced on a taxi service call center, but they can be implemented in any situation.

Why should I care?

Do you have hundreds of calls daily? Do you need to organize them?

Try out our PBX.

Zavede pořádek do hovorů.

Make your calls organized.

  • Organized view of all calls
  • Write down notes next to the calls (custom fields)
  • Send SMSs and e-mails
  • Have your calls recorded, you can come back to them at any time

User Interface

Below is a picture of a call list for taxi services. States of each call can be defined (names and colors), as well as the data columns (addresses, taxi number, time, etc.).

Key Features

  • New call will appear instantly (Notes can be written down during call)
  • App-integrated phone – All you need is to connect the headset.