We’re offering a classic telephony experience with our own, TNtech, s.r.o. landline. We’re a classic, mobile network operator. With our services, you can call:

  • on a landlines
  • into a mobile carrier networks
  • into foreign countries

Prices for phone calls (through virtual operator) can be found in our GSM price list.

Be gone, overpriced landline!

Connect your current phone device into the TNtech network and unsubscribe from your current mobile carrier.
TNtech is a full-fledged mobile carrier.
Save money on overpriced carrier plans!
You’ll receive a new phone number in the shape of 37x xxx xxx (example for Plzensky Kraj). If you wish to keep your current number, it’s possible to carry it over to us – the price of the carry-over is 1000 Kč with VAT (multiple phone numbers cost 2000 Kč).

Price List

We’re offering low-cost rates especially for national calls, but you can save on mobile phone calls as well.
Make calls with your friends within the TNtech network for free!

Payments are made in form of credit pre-purchase onto our bank account.
Premium offer for newcomers! The first month is counted as a test period. You don’t have to pre-purchase credit, just pay the called amount!

Price list (valid since 1. 1. 2017):

Destination Landline call
Phone call
Within TNtech network free0,50 Kč *
Landlines within Czechiaduring rush hour0,83 Kč1,50 Kč *
 normal0,54 Kč1,50 Kč *
Mobile networks within Czechia 1,20 Kč1,50 Kč *
Blue lines (81x, 83x, 843, 844, 845, 846, 855) 0,85 Kč 
White lines (840, 841, 842, 847, 848, 849) 2,12 / 1,33 Kč 
Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, USA, Canadaland lines1,50 Kč 

All prices are VAT included for one minute of call. Tariffing 60+1. Rush hour is during workdays from 07:00 to 19:00. Rush hour is not counted during weekends and public holidays. After the first minute, we’re charging for every second. If you wish to know prices for calls to other countries, contact us here. All prices can be found in the document Kompletní ceník VoIP (Czech only). *Prices of phone calls (GSM) are listed only as a reference. For more info about phone calls, visit our website tnMobil.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding: *21*phonenumber
Cancel call forwarding: *22

What do you need for calling?

There are two options to start calling cheaply. The first option includes a running PC and is for free. The second one is more expensive, however, a connection with a land-line phone is possible.

Calling from a PC

Download and install a software called Zoiper, we’ll send you login details, which you can use in the software and start calling.
The downside of this option is a fact that you’re calling through a computer, thus if you wish to receive calls, you have to keep your PC running.


This option is far more convenient. You can connect a classic landline and simply call, just like you were used to until now. The one big difference is you don’t have to pay for an overpriced plan! In order to connect your phone to our switchyard, you have to buy a VoIP gate for 1280 Kč including VAT.

VoIP phone

VoIP (IP) telefon je telefon, který je možné připojit k Internetu (do switche nebo routeru) jako počítač. Lze si jej představit jako klasický telefon s integrovanou VoIP bránou.

A VoIP phone is a phone which you can connect to the Internet (through a switch or router), just like a PC. Imagine a classic phone with an integrated VoIP gate.

How to subscribe

Choose one of the options mentioned above and contact us. If you wish to try it out, we recommend a “Calling from a PC” option first. More info about cheap calls can be found at www.tnmobil.cz.